The Most Popular IKEA Products

The Most Popular The 13 Most Popular IKEA ProductsIKEA Products

It is no secret that IKEA has an enormous fan following. Everyone from college pupils to expert designers appears on the hallowed blue-and-yellow halls of the beloved Swedish department store as being a resource, plus the recognized shopping bag of its has attained such icon status that it has been copied on runways as well as produced the topic of a very short movie. Also a shocking mishap earlier this month where among the company’s metallic bowls spontaneously caught fire could not dampen the brand’s reputation. But what, precisely, are these clients buying? With what looks like a million SKUs in rotation at once, it is difficult to monitor all the of IKEA’s products. In order to satisfy the interest of ours, we reached out with the staff generally there to question what items would be the most beloved. Without further ado, AD presents: the hottest IKEA products.

1. Billy

Absolutely no surprise here: The Billy bookcase, in all of the iterations of its, is basically a stalwart of the contemporary house, serving as from a pantry to DVD storage to closet component, and motivating many knockoffs at the same time (in reality, a Google search for “Billy bookcase” brings up have just as so many non IKEA results as IKEA bags, evidence that one has joined our generic lexicon in the case of Band Aids and Kleenex). Designer Steve Mckenzie suggests adding baskets to yours for an additional serving of structure that conceals clutter.

Image might include Furniture Chair and Balcony The Poäng chair in natural upholstery.Photo: Ragnar Ómarsson, courtesy of IKEA
2. Poäng

IKEA’s Poäng chair, produced by Japanese designer Noboru  ikea

Nakamura, celebrates its 40th birthday this season. The anniversary is evidence of the classic style of its, the product of a seamless juxtaposition of Japanese styles and classic Scandinavian. The infinitely adaptable seat is available in several coverings, from printed cotton to leather plus linen. It is likewise available in children’s size just for the young aesthete.

3. Malm bed

The Malm bed from IKEA may be so ubiquitous, therefore ideal in its minimalist, design that is purposeful, it is like what you would determine if you requested a kid to create a stick design of a foundation. The basic style is ideal for fans of Scandinavian minimalism or even for DIYers that would like to put in their very own custom riffs. “The bed’s wide selection of finishes, simple construction, clean lines, and sleek look is able to increase a number of different design models for a really low cost,” says designer Jody Myers Fierz of Color Concept Theory.

4. Expedit/Kallax


Very much like the Billy, IKEA’s Kallax (formerly known as Expedit) is only one of the parts that you simply look to find in many households. The fresh, too, cubic design, has spurred numerous knockoffs and also a near infinite stream of custom training in the Pinterest crowd. It is excellent as is designed for a record display, a television system, or maybe toy storage; intrepid customers have left turned it into from a bench to a kitchen island.

5. Rens sheepskin rug

The Rens is probably very popular due to its multifunctional design. Work with it as a bedside rug during winters that are freezing, and toss it over the rear of a chair for an additional luxe look. Designer Donna Mondi is a fan of the second technique: “Throw a sheepskin pelt such as Rens over the accent of yours or even dining seat to make it a totally new experience – the extra consistency and drama are really worth much more than the cost,” she says.

Image might have Indoors Room Kitchen Rug Kitchen Island Interior Design Building and Housing
A kitchen area featuring the Rens sheepskin plus a black-and-white Stockholm rug.Photo: Courtesy of IKEA
6. Stockholm rug

IKEA’s standard flat weave rug can be purchased in several patterns to fit almost any style. At $199 to $299, it is also within virtually all budgets, which makes it a genuine illustration of the Swedish brand’s devotion to democratic design.

Pella Hedeby – Stilinspiration
DIY – Graphical mosaic tables
Pella HedebyD I Y|Ideas to take seven. Absence tables

You have undoubtedly seen IKEA’s Lack tables in many configurations: one rectangular one utilized as a coffee table, or perhaps many square versions pushed together for a modular unit. The basic style, that begins at only $7.99 for a side table, is yet another prime canvas for DIY.

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