The best hotel apartments to choose

The Best Hotehl Apartment To Choose

But before you make your final decision and decide to write the contract to become the owner of the new home, there are some details that you must check or inquire about to make sure that you will not later have to pay additional amounts of money on things that you did not reckon with.

In this article, we will show you the most important tips to help you make sure that you do not feel remorse for your choice:

Check the following things in the house or apartment rooms
Check if the lights are working
Even if you are checking the house during the day, check that all lamps are working, and if one of them does not work, try to replace it with a new one to make sure that the problem is with the lamp itself and is not included in the electrical wiring of the lamps.

Check hidden places
The presence of some furniture or carpets in the house can have the goal of hiding some defects, so it is a good idea to raise the carpet to check the floor and move the furniture or paintings to check the condition of the walls behind them.

Make sure the floor is level
This point may not seem very important, but its importance will appear every time you clean the house, as the water will collect in a specific place on the ground instead of flowing towards the water drainage, you can check the floor by pouring water on the floor or by using a water balance if you have One.

Open and close all doors and windows
Whether you are checking the house in the summer or winter, it is necessary to make sure that all doors and windows are opened smoothly and can be closed tightly. The last thing you can want in your home is a window from which cold air and rain in the winter or another difficult to open when the heat rises in the summer.

Mobile network
This point has become a matter to pay attention to, since obtaining a home that is not connected to the mobile network will mean that you will not be able to receive calls or use the services Dubai

Check the electrical tools and their extensions
Check out all the household items in the house
The fact that some good-looking household appliances in the home such as a fridge or oven do not necessarily mean that they work without any problems, as there are some who use the good appearance of these tools to entice customers to buy the house, so it is necessary to make sure yourself of the safety of all these tools and that they work without problems.

Check the circuit breaker panel
The importance of checking this board lies in the fact that it is designed to be the weakest link in the home circuitry, which means that electrical problems will disable the circuit breakers and the board before they damage the home appliances, so there may be some damaged circuit breakers.

In addition, the panel can inform you of some problems with electrical wiring, as the presence of smoke effects in it may indicate the use of thin wires that are unable to withstand some devices, such as electric heaters.

Check the electrical outlets in the home rooms
While visiting the house, many assume that the intakes are intact, just because they appear new or because they do not have traces of burns, for example, to be surprised later that they have to maintain many of them, so it is best to test each one of them in advance using your mobile phone charger, for example.

Check out the bathroom and kitchen in the apartment
Check the sanitary installations under the wash basins
It is necessary to inspect the area under the sinks to ensure that there is no leakage of water as leakage in such an area can cause unpleasant odors and the appearance of mold and therefore it is best to ensure the safety of the extensions after opening the water faucet for several minutes.

Make sure the faucets and water supply are safe
Although replacing a water faucet is not a very difficult matter, it is best to avoid it as long as possible, by checking all the water taps in the house and making sure that they are not leaking water and that they are tightly closed.

This inspection should include valves below the wash basins and near the toilets because having a faulty valve can make it difficult to replace the tap.

Check the water pressure
Even if the water runs under the extensions, it is necessary to make sure that the pressure in the tubes will be sufficient, because you will not want to spend extra time cleaning your hands and will not be happy if the water does not flow strongly in the bathroom.

Check the drains
It is imperative that you ensure that all drains are working very efficiently and that you prefer to test them using a large amount of water to ensure that they are not clogged when you are cleaning or when it rains.

The cellar and attic

Check the basement or store walls
If the house you want to buy contains a cellar, it is necessary to check that it is well ventilated and inspect its walls well in search of traces of moisture to avoid damage to the purposes that may be stored in the basement in the future and to avoid all health problems that may arise due to moisture.

Attic humidity
The extensions of the bathrooms are often in the attic and for this it is necessary to inspect them to ensure that there is no leakage of pipes as the leak can cause an unpleasant smell to the home.

Check the following things before purchasing a house or apartment
Check that the air conditioner and chimneys are working
If the house you are buying contains an air conditioner, it is necessary to test it and make sure that it is cooling and heating well whether you are in the summer or winter, and you should also try to verify that the chimneys are not clogged by operating the heater.

Check for a fuel tank
The oil tank is an essential for the winter, especially in the very cold areas, so it is best to check its presence or inquire about the existence of its own extensions if it is not available.

Take your time before making your final decision
A decision like this is not something easy to undo and be sure that you will regret it a lot if you discover that you made a wrong choice so it is necessary to be

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